Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Awaits...

Happy New Year to y'all! Yes, I realize it's the 8th...but better late than never, right? ;)

I'd like to show you a picture that makes me smile.
Yes, it's a calendar. Look closer.
IT'S EMPTY!!!! :)

Usually, I love filling it in with all the birthdays and anniversaries (seriously - it's the same part of me that likes to fill out forms - wink).

This year, however...it stayed empty for a few days on the wall.  My hubby noticed the other day, and said something. I said, I'm enjoying looking at the NOTHING on there. :)

Since taking this picture, I've added the birthdays and anniversaries, and will update it with everything today, but it sure was nice to look at a clean slate for awhile. :)

The last couple months have been...well, busy. Full. A little stressful at times. I soooooo enjoyed the Christmas break with my kiddos. After the 19th, it was nothing major on the calendar other than the multiple family parties in the evenings. We sooo needed the downtime.  I wasn't even ready to let them go back to school last week! lol

I'm looking forward to the fresh start of 2013. How about you?

Craft Room update (since I know you're wondering): A hole cut in wall, and built-in bookshelves are in. Still have to put the backside of the shelves on. Which means more sanding, priming and painting (ugh). I've done a lot of sanding, priming, and painting...and now comes the next round of priming and painting. :) Some drawers, some trim. Then...the walls!  WOO HOO!! Things move very slowly when you have a dairy farmer husband to wait on and a painful arm to contend with. ;) REALLY hoping to be done by the end of January...because Sale-A-Bration awaits! (Priorities, priorities, I know). It's not just that...I just want to get in there and create! Not just for enjoyment, or to sell in my Etsy shop...there have been many times I've felt prompting to create a card for someone...and can't.

Would love to hear from you - are you looking forward to the new year? Do you have any resolutions you're willing to share?

Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)