Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day Back...

It's been awhile...let's sit down with a cup of coffee, shall we?

I see now it's been nearly 8 MONTHS since I last posted!  In some ways, I can't believe it's been that other ways, I totally can. I'll try to share bits and pieces of that time in the days to come...including some crafting! :)

Perhaps one person actually checks this anymore, wondering...did she EVER finish that craft room??  I can say with great excitement...YES - we finished it in April!  I've been able to create here and there, but not a lot, or as often as I'd like to. I'm hoping that will all change, now that school's back in session.

Back to school, I can hardly believe it. My girls started yesterday, as 1st and 4th graders!

Yesterday was such a GREAT first day.

The girls were up and going at a good fact, my 1st grader was up ONE HOUR earlier than my alarm was set for, coming to my room already dressed, asking if she could make her sandwich yet. ;)

I don't know about you, but for us, a new school year comes with traditions. One is this: I HAVE to bring them to school on the first day - poor kiddos. :)  There's just something about bringing them to their classrooms that first it. Yes, I realize this will not last much longer. ;)

After the classroom drop off /picture taking, mom & I walked over to the High School for another first day tradition - Convocation.

As I sit on the bleachers, taking in the buzzing excitement around me, I recall first days of school from my youth...seeing everyone again, feeling excited yet a little nervous....

Years later, as a parent, I see it so differently.

There is still that excitement buzzing all around...but now is that waiting, that craning my neck for a glimpse of my daughters, filing in with their new teachers and classmates. My heart bursts with joy as I see them, and I do that know...wave like crazy until they see me and wave back with a smile on their face. :)

That excitement and joy is just a small part. As a parent, I appreciate how this tradition starts the year off pointing to the One who makes everything possible, and dedicating each year to Him. It is quite common for tears to gather in my eyes at some point (sometimes more than once) during this hour or so. Whether it's during a speech given by a special speaker, during a time of singing, or during the final prayer (gets me every time). I always leave the grounds with a full and thankful heart.

Post-Convocation, Mom and I chatted over lattes at a local coffeeshop - a treasured time. :)

Next...I went to the grocery store. ALONE.

I found myself in a totally different frame of mind than when my kids are with me.  Now, don't get me wrong. I love them dearly. In fact, they've actually become quite helpful. It's just that this time, there was no fighting over who gets to push the cart (every. single. time), no trying to push with them hanging on or standing in front of me.  Just me, pushing the cart as I please. Stopping for a moment to chat with someone from church, getting to know them better. Walking through the bakery department with no "mom, can we get a donut?" pleading (really the only thing they ask for, cuz they know that once in a great while - IF it's on sale for a good price, I allow it).

I walked right on by those donuts and smiled a bittersweet smile - glad to not have the question asked, yet missing them a little in that moment too. :)

As much as that time alone is appreciated...I am still happy beyond measure to see them return after a day at school.

People often ask me what I'll do with my time, now that I've got both of my kids in school full-time. Believe me, I've got enough to keep me busy!  No, not just crafting and blogging, as nice as that would be, ha ha.

There's still yardwork, housework, Bible Study, more rooms and projects to finish (remember we moved a year ago), etc. One thing (among many) I'd like to accomplish, is keeping up to date with tasks better.  For example - it sure would be nice to balance the checkbook sooner than a couple months behind. :-|  I'm not the only one, am I?

I would love to hear from YOU!

How was your summer?  Do you have any back-to-school traditions?  Do you ever get behind on things like housework, balancing checkbook, etc...or am I the only one? Do you have any goals for this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)

PS - Yup, there's coffee in that mug - Folgers. ;-)  The mug is from a field trip to Sbux headquarters, and I love the size - it's almost like having two cups of coffee at a time - much needed this week! ;)