Friday, September 18, 2009

Lessons learned

There's a big box that's been sitting in our family room this entire week. Every day, the girls are asking, "mommy, can we puhleeese put it together now?!"

Monday, I got a super deal on a brand-new Little Tikes double easel. I'm all about deals, and this one screamed it! Originally (online research) $60.00....I purchased it for $15.00. YAY! I knew my girls would love it. They love to write, they love to paint. You know what's even better? No money out of pocket. Used the girls' gift money, so it's actually a birthday gift from a loved one! :)

This morning I was thinking..."I really need to work on some cards...hmm...what can I do to keep B busy so I can create?" AHA!

It's a great product, it sure looked easy, I'm sure it actually IS easy, but I had a few frustrations...probably b/c I didn't have my coffee yet. ;-)

But you know what? Through those frustrations, I learned some lessons. A few things for ME to personally remember before undertaking kids' product assembly in the future. ;-)

1. Drink coffee first.
2. Look through the pictures thoroughly. Maybe even the night before. ;-)
3. Don't expect things to go perfectly, cause they probably won't.
4. It's okay to get a little frustrated, but remember your 3 year old is watching and learning from you. ;0)
5. Maybe you SHOULD have your hubby do it, as first intentioned. lol
6. Nope, you can do this - stick with it! :)

Was it worth the frustration? You betcha!!

The satisfaction of "I DID this," combined with the joy of your 3 yr old.
Ahhhh...yup. I'm feelin' pretty good, and I hardly even remember the frustration anymore. ;-)

Off to buy more chalk!

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