Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lookee What I Got!

Last week, we had sunshine!

One of those lovely days,
my daughters came running to me from the backyard.
Grinning, they proudly stretched out their arms to me in love,
giving me a gift from their hearts.

I oohed and ahhed,
 then promptly went to the cupboard and pulled out a vase -
one just perfect for this bouquet.

Yes, they're dandelions.
Bits of sunshine from the loves of my life. :)

As I filled the vase with water, they came and added more in just the right spots.
(I've since had to throw them all out, but needn't have worried.)

While defrosting our freezer in the garage today, I received a few more from my youngest.
She said "here's some more flowers, mom...cuz I love you."

Tucking away these moments in my heart and mind,
I realize all too soon these bouquets from my little girls will disappear.

Makes me tear up to even think about it.
Okay, so the tears are filling my eyes.
Yup...there goes one down my cheek.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day!


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