Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Suzy Homemaker

Sorry for the hiatus.  Life gets in the way sometimes...but that's as it should be, don't you think?  There has to be a balance, especially if you're feeling under the weather. ;-)

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day.  It was a bit dreary outside, but the house was bursting with the sunshine in my heart. :)   Over my cold enough that I could function, I got just a few (wink) things done:

It was one of those days I felt like "Little Suzy Homemaker" and loved every minute of it.  Most days, that is not what it feels like, KWIM? ;-)

Besides the normal de-cluttering (which turned into a mess again), I did laundry, baked these chocolate chip cookies for my daughter's class, and had a sweet time making Valentines with my daughters....for hours. ;-)

I could show you pictures of folded clothes, but I won't.
I could show you pictures of the valentines, but I'll save that for tomorrow. :)
I could show you what I have to do around here to preserve the best cookies...and I WILL.

I had painstakingly researched* the night before, & collaborated the information.  Baked, then picked out the best ones to bring to her class...because, let's be honest here:  I wanted them to think that "A's mom makes the BEST cookies!" lol 

I knew when my hubby came home, he'd see them, and want them. ;-)  I also knew I'd be busy with the girls and unable to warn him.  So...being the efficient person that I am, I put signs on the cookies! :)

They look pretty straightforward, don't you think?


When hubby came home & found me, he was eating a cookie. ;-)
I laughed and said "Did you like my little signs?"

Do you know what he said??
"What signs?"

I laughed again, because...SERIOUSLY?  He has got to be kidding.
Oh, he wasn't.

Apparently, he didn't have his glasses on, and is that blind.
Acht...good thing I love that man, my Valentine! :)

*NOTE: Yes, I've made cc cookies had just been quite awhile, and remembered the past few times, them going 'flat'. I have this idea of perfect cookies in my mind. Guess what? Ohhhh, they are!!

 Please come back tomorrow to see the Valentines my daughters and I made...and maybe a tutorial on them, too! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. This is Jessie not Brett.......

    very cute. they look yummy! I'm curious about those Valentines :)

  2. I love how you have them separated, to ones that are okay to eat or not! CUTE! Your pictures are making me hungry for chocolate chip cookies! :o)

  3. How fun! I loved your story about the cookie signs! TFS!

  4. I ate one of those---and they were awesome! The best--even better than your mom's!! ;D

  5. Recipe, please! I think I have to go bake now...:)

  6. Crystal - David and I just had the biggest laugh over you and your husband and the cookies. David and will be married 44 years this year and HE'S JUST LIKE THAT! I really shouldn't have told you this because now you know what you have to look forward to - ROFL! Thanks for bringing a laugh into OUR lives! :))))))


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