Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crafty Girl House

Sooo...ya ever wonder what a house of crafty girls looks like?

Here's a little peak:

My almost 6 yr old...picking out reinkers for a technique she loves to do.  Yes, she just parked the stool & helped herself. ;-b

And what about a 3.5 yr old?
You can probably guess what's coming, lol. ;-)

Um, yeah.  Nevermind the fact that these supplies are mostly her sister's...who is at school during this pic. ;-)

What can I say, it gets a little crazy around here sometimes.  I'll save my desk at it's messiest for another post, lol.  Let's just say they get their creative, ahem...messiness from me. ;-)

When you see them enjoying creativity (as long as they clean it up), and see stuff like THIS made by your 6yr old (the card to match gift)'s so worth the mess!

Well, what do you think....are we just a bunch of crazies, or are there more of you out there?  ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a GREAT weekend! :)


  1. That is so adorable! She's a future demo for sure! :)

  2. looks normal to me but then again Ihave 4 kids and 4 dogs. My kids are older but it still gets really crazy. I have to say none of them make as big of a mess as i do when I'm stampin!

  3. The card and wrapping paper match perfectly! She did an amazing job! I think a little messiness is good for the creative juices. At least that's what I tell myself...:)

  4. Oh Crystal . . . we have 2 boys that love going downstairs with me! Although paper, stamps, etc is everywhere . . . you can't replace the creativeness that come out of their projects. Go for it! Beautiful butterfly and it matches the paper perfectly!

  5. Your 6-year old did a fabulous job. I love all of the colors in her butterfly.

  6. She did a wonderful job!!! Isn't it great to share this terrific craft with your kids!


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