Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Do you have any?  Do you like or dislike them?
Today's post is about traditions. Old, new, and...newly dropped. ;-)
The past month has been full of them.

OLD: Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, Canning beans, Going to the Fair, Going fishing/camping, Taking a picture of each child on the first day of school.

NEW and OLD (simultaneously!):  Growing up as a student, I attended Convocation on the first day of school for 12 years!

Watching my lil' 1st grader file in with her class was so sweet, bringing back memories of that "First Day of School."  A great speech by our youth pastor, combined with prayer and worship - what a great way to start off a school year!

Every year since I can remember, I make (or mom has made) a certain cookie when we go camping.  They are soooo yummy and addicting!  At about 9:30 the night before our 1st camping trip of the year, I was making these "camping cookies." (original, eh?)

Peanuts, Marshmallows, Rice Krisipies, and Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch adhered together with the yumminess of CHOCOLATE!

I proudly brought them out one night while playing games with our couple friends, and guess what I found out?!!!  After 10 years of marriage, I found out that these cookies, to my hubby (putting it nicely), "aren't really my favorite."  You're just telling me NOW??!!  Luckily, my feelers weren't hurt, I had a good laugh about it, and still do.  I just wish I had known MUCH sooner! lol

What about you?  Do you have traditions that you uphold, look forward to, or maybe don't look forward to?  Are there any that you might want to ask "is this something you really enjoy, or shall we drop it?" ;-)

I'm so happy to be back sharing with you...Please come back tomorrow for some stampin' inspiration! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. We do have a tradition - camping at Silver Lake each Memorial Day weekend. We love it.. It starts the camping season out early and gets us all really excited for the months of camping that will follow. Although, there is one little problem, it pours down rain every yer. We know it is going to happen, so we pack every pair of pants and socks we own, all the tarps we can get our hands on, and the winter coats. I haven't really decided if it is worth all the work that goes in to it, but we haven't missed a year in about 10 years...

  2. Loved this blog.I too remember that "first day of school" excitement, and truthfully, kind of miss it in my Grandma years. There's always something nostalgic about this time of year as we reluctantly say goodbye to summer fun and (sort of) welcome schedules and pun'kin season. Had a chuckle about the traditional Camp'n cookies--I didn't make them this year either and no one seemed to notice. lol BUT will Terry EVER forgive me for forgetting the nut bars?? lol ;)
    Love your thought-provocking reflections, Crystal. And I love you. :) And I MUST have a copy of those two little fishergirls. :)~M


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