Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letting Go

There are times when a mom decides to just let go and say, "okay...go for it!" :)

Awhile back, my daughters were playing a slight drizzle. Yup, where we live, we have MANY different names for many different kinds of rain. ;-)

When they came back to the house to say hello, I looked at their wet clothes and groaned inwardly.  Started thinking about how I would get these type of stains out of pink clothing, that they were probably getting too cold, and ugh...isn't this a BOY type of thing to do? lol.

But then, I threw that aside and decided to capture their childhood fun.  I think they were a little shocked that I wanted them to go back ouside and do it again, this time, for ME! :)

Soo...we began the trek to the end of the street.

 this point it was still okay with me (do you see how deep it is??)

And now, with full abandon and permission from their (now oh so fun) mom:

Time for a change of clothes and hot chocolate! :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a WONDERFUL Sunday! :)


  1. giggling. It's all good, Crystal. Next time--set the kid in you free--and jump in the puddles WITH them! lol ;)

  2. What great memories! Be sure to scrapbook those pictures!

  3. Crystal great photos! Love the action shots. It will make a great scrapbook page for sure.

  4. These are such fun pictures! I was a puddle jumper myself when I was their age. My mom could do nothing about it! I never saw a muddy spot that didn't call me or a tree that I just HAD to climb. Thanks for the memories and the blessing for my day. :)

  5. lol these are precious and great memories!!


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