Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craft Mode & Pumpkin!

HI there! :)
Yup, I'm still here...just busy.

I'm preparing to be in a local Craft Show...trying to get the "business" needs (bags, business cards, etc) done as well as crafting. Sometimes feels like not a whole lot is getting done, though, as I've had other commitments keeping me busy as well.

Anywho...last week (when I wasn't as busy), I made some yummy cookies, and shared the picture and link to recipie with my FB friends...but didn't think to do it here!

It's Fall. That means pumpkins. Oh, and chocolate chips too, right? ;-)

They were a hit. :)
(pardon the bad quality phone pic)

So now I s'pose you want the recipe for these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Go to my super-talented friend's blogpost here. You'll want to take a look-see around the place while enjoying your cookies & milk. She not only has the gift of creativity, but a great gift of words, too. :)

Enjoy! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. You are making me drool! After I finish the kiddos Princess and SuperHero costumes I might have to make these again! Thanks for the linky love :)
    Have a GREAT, super productive day girlfriend!

  2. Goooooood luck today Crystal! Hope you 'blow 'm away' (not too literally thanks..) ♥ Sim


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