Monday, October 17, 2011

Mending & A Gift

I have to tell you...this week is starting off *much* better than last, and it feels oh, so GOOD. :)

You see, last week was umm....a bummer of a week (to put it mildly). Our Bible Study prayed for me Friday night (& beyond), and I started to feel a healing in my heart through the weekend.

This morning, as the girls are off to school and I am sorting laundry, I find myself prayerful and reflective. My daughter's new shirt (accidentally torn yesterday), begs mending. It wasn't part of my plan today, but it was a part of God's plan. ;-)  Since I always wash the darks first, it means a quick mending before washing. I see now that it was God's timing, His prompting. (I never get around to mending that quickly - it usually sits waiting for embarrassing amount of time, lol)

So, I hauled out the sewing machine and respective supplies, and popped a CD into the player. I start the mending, and after some time, as my heart is soaring, I realize:

While my daughter's shirt is being mended by my hands, my heart is being mended by God's hands!

The music is speaking to my soul, and this beautiful word picture is speaking to me.  It is a gift from God, and I am so grateful. Are those problems still there? Yes, some of them are...but with this newly mended heart I feel like He & I can deal with them better now. :)

Soooo....God has given me a gift this morning and I wanted to share that with you. :)

Speaking of gifts, I have another gift to that I made for someone a few weeks ago:

Simple, yet stated. Would you like to see closeups of what the gifts are? Ok. :)

This is a Post-It holder, and I just love the texture on the cover!  I acheived this look by running the cardstock through my Big Shot, with our new (Holiday Mini) embossing folder, SnowBurst.

The personalized "L" part was created with our stamp set Lovely Letters, and mounted on our circle and scallop circle punches. Finished it off wth our Pear Pizzazz Stitched-Poly ribbon

Yes, another nugget box. ;-)  As you can see, I am loving to use the set "It's A Wrap Occasions" on Hershey Nuggets. :)  The belly band (which stays on the sleeve) is created with our Lace Ribbon Border punch, Postage Stamp punch, and 1" Square punch. The stamp set used for the "Thank U" part is from a retired Hostess set, called Cute By The Inch.

Well, what do you think?

PS - The issues last week are not marital - hubby and I are great! :)
PPS - The CD I was speaking of is THIS one...22 songs in all (most are medleys, so you only see the name of the first song of the medley)

Thank you for letting me share with you today, and....
Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)

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  1. What a wonderful gift you have made
    And more importantly - what a wonderful Gift you have received....!
    God is Good.. God is Love and God is gentle..
    I hope the fact that you can now see, will continue, so you can keep your eyes on Him and do what is needed to work out and smooth out whatever is wrong and broken...

    Much sisterly ♥,

    P.S. - did you get the washing finished?


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