Monday, December 12, 2011

Craft Fair Pictures!

Yes, I'm still around. :)

If I'm being's been kind of a nice break. Things have been rather hectic in my life, and I just *had* to cut something out or I think I may have gone crazy!  It's been good to slow down and focus on my family, and myself too.  Taking time to be still. In many ways.

Things are much better now, and I'm looking forward to a quiet, reflective Christmas season. :)

There were a few of you that asked to see pictures of the Craft Fair stuff when I got around to I'm finally getting around to it. Thank you for being patient with me as I sort out stuff. :)

Here's a view of my "shop" head on. Not the easiest to see what's going on...lots of distracting things in the background. :)

I had kind of a "kids" area set up, with notebook sets, bookmarks, tooth fairy tins, playdoh fun, etc.


Something new I tried was homemade decor "wipeboards" - more fun than the standard white kind  Included a dry erase marker w/ velcro, and wrapped in cello. :) 


A few different things pictured tile coaster sets, magnets, gift card holders, etc...

Since I sell my signature cupcake toppers on my Etsy site, I decided to have a few (ahem) of those on hand as well...(I need to update the listings on Etsy, but there are a few listed there).

We're full circle now..

Here's another little "gifty" section...this one a little more "food-related". Chocolate tins, Snowman kisses, Snowman Soup mug sets, M&M sticks, and more.

The items on the Christmas Tree are hanging gift card holders, also available in my Etsy shop Christmas Section. :)

WHEW!!  Can I just say I'm a *little* glad to be done with that, my very first Craft Fair?? (wink)  Especially considering I signed up 3 weeks before the event....and made everything in that time?? lol

Overall, it was a good in which I learned many things, and met many great people! :)

Stay tuned for Stampin' Up Open House pics and projects next time...

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. Crystal what a lot of effort you put into this craft fair and it looks like it paid off. Wow can't believe you did all that prep in 3 weeks. You're amazing. Thanks for the pictures. I love seeing how people set up and what they make.

  2. Crystal lovely items. I think planning is part of the key for successful craft sales. I completely ignore my family and job as I crazily try to craft items for the fairs. For 2012 I am going to set aside 1/2 day a week for crafting. Only work on one item at a time until it is done and then pack it away. Then the week before each craft fair I will spend on the food items.

  3. would you share the details for the note pad sets?

  4. sorry my email is


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