Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yes, I realize it's 2 days past, but to my credit...I had this scheduled for the 25th. Instead, I just saw it was still in draft mode. ;)


A couple of Saturdays ago, the girls had been awake for a bit already when I got out of bed.
This is the scene that greeted me as I stepped into the kitchen:
Grabbed my heart, it did.  Do you see it?
Everyone's lined up around the manger - even the animals who don't actually "belong" with the nativity set.

You see, even the children are aware that ALL eyes should be on Jesus. :)

May the beauty of God's greatest gift be yours today and the rest of your years, too.
Merry CHRISTmas!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a beautiful day!


  1. Heart in throat--I couldn't agree more! How wonderful when children gather at the "manger- side" to see the newborn King. If only we could all remember, like children, to pull away from busyness and stay awhile at the side of Jesus.:)

  2. Wonderful! He has surely blessed you with wonderful kids - and you did such a great job raising them in His ways!
    Christ IS born and all the animals and people shall see Him one day, when He will return!
    (P.S. Does Little People really have a manger...? How cute! That'll be on my wishlist for Inde's birthday next year! Born on the 26th of December.. so great occasion :) (one day late.. ah well. you're 2 days late ;))
    <3 Sim


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