Friday, October 1, 2010

Elegant Melted Ribbon?

How can melted ribbon be elegant, you ask?
Oh, let me SHOW you! :)

I saw this technique somewhere, fell in love with it...and gave it a whirl! :)

I made this card as a thank-you to someone sweet...someone who had a giveaway on her blog, and I WON! :)  It turned out to be a bit belated because of stuff going on here, but I always say A thank you is better than no thank you! :)

FYI: I actually made two. Hers is the first one I tried, and the petals are a titch smaller. That one took longer, but I thought it went better with the paper, so that's the one I sent to her.  I really hope she got it ok...I have visions of it being mangled in the mail, even though I had paid extra for that to NOT happen. ;-b

The leaves - cut freehand leaves, folded in half lengthwise, then ran through the crimper. :)

I will tell you this is not a quickie-technique, to be sure!  It took awhile, but I sure love the end result!  I also love that it could be used for MANY occasions! :)

What do YOU think?

The Small Print (All Stampin' Up)
Cardstock/Paper: Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla, Garden Green, Woodland Walk DSP
Accessories: 5/8" chocolate chip satin ribbon, 5/8" very vanilla satin ribbon, half-back pearl (Pretties Kit), Heat tool, Scissors, Crimper, Glue dots
Technique: Melted Ribbon Flower

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. The flower is beautiful. Well worth your effort.

  2. I love these flowers. They do take a while to do but they are so worth it. You did a great job!

  3. I think the picture does not do it justice in the least. It is the most beautiful card I have ever received. Thank you so much Crystal! I was impressed by your talent before, but now I am simply blown away. You have a gift.

  4. Wait, it just dawned on me that you MADE THE FLOWER! Holy cow! I went from blown away to speechless.

    I'm not worthy.

  5. Love it! I had never heard of melting ribbon. It took me a minute to realize the melted ribbon was the flower - gorgeous! I don't know how fragile they are, but they would be cute on girls' headbands too.

  6. Very good work on that rose - it is perfect. Such an elegant card. Thanks for blessing my day. :)

  7. Wowzier it is gorgeous!!! Great job!!!

  8. Don't suppose you've done the tutorial on the technique or found the link? I'd like to try it too but can't seem to find the 'how to' anywhere.


  9. How beautiful! You cut the petals freehand? Wow! I'm impressed!

  10. I a link to a similar technique, but can't find it! Love the pretty flower! Can you share the technique? Thanks!

  11. It is amazing. Just wondering when you are going to do a tutorial for this technique so I can give it a try as well. Or the link to where you found the technique would work also.


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