Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost & Found

Ever lost something and found it years later?
Back when I was about 14, I lost my wallet.

I was as devastated as a 14 year old can be. The wallet itself was an 8th Grade Graduation gift, and I mean...who knows if there was money in there or not...but what about everything else? You know, all those pics I traded with classmates??? I mean, THAT is important, lol! ;-)

Well, nearly 20 years parents were cleaning out the attic and found this:

What was once was is FOUND! :)

They put it in a box with a bunch of other stuff that was supposedly mine (wink), didn't tell me it was in there, and one day as I waded through each and every item...there it was!

Boy, was it a blast from the past!! lol

Yup, classmate pics were there, as well as 2 group pics of my friends and I taken in 8th Grade...I'm trying to figure out a way to share it with those friends on Facebook, without the whole world seeing it (in a private message) - anyone know how to do that?

Anyways...back to the subject at hand. I found other little treasures, too:

Shall we play "I Spy?" in this pile of stuff? lol

I wonder what DQ would do if I walked up to the counter with one of those tokens? lol

Oh, and there WAS a $10 bill, and a bunch of change too - score! :)

Have you lost something and found it years later?  If you haven' might want to go search your attic! ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great day! :)

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  1. The real question is...will DQ honor those coupons?? ;)


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