Monday, September 19, 2011

Polka Dots, Polka Dots!

So, my girls and I were thinkin' on a party theme for my youngest, about to turn 5.  Finally narrowed down to two possibilities. Butterflies, or POLKA DOTS!!

I'm sure you've guessed what we chose. ;-)

Yup. We had a great idea, now we had to come up with an invitation.

Why not buy some? Oye. Good question!  I was sooo tempted - multiple times - especially knee-deep into it. Would've been much easier, but you know me. I can't buy what I can make, especially when we have a good idea and are excited about it. Gotta see it through to completion. :)

Soo...we set to work. Made a pattern, then set to work repeating over and over.
5 year old punching
7 year old adding adhesive
Mom (me) putting all the polka dots on in the set pattern.

Oh, now that's the short of it.
Here's a few pics of how it went down.

Yes, we put them on the cardstock.
But then, as you see, the polka dots need to be cut off all the edges.

Like this.

Then, some computer work was needed...
Printed onto vellum....

And now....the finishing touch...

Hole punches at the top, then added ribbon!
Colors used:
Retired: Green Galore, Lavendar Lace (I think? It's been too long, lol!)
Current: Whisper White, So Saffron, Tempting Turquoise, Melon Mambo

Well, what do you think?

COMPUTER UPDATE: Yup. My laptop has FINALLY arrived !!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. Okay, these invites are G R E A T! Love the colors, whimsy and use of vellum. I'd want to come to this party! =)

  2. Perfect for a 5 year old invite; colorful and not too fussy. Love them.

  3. 'Love these invites...'so cute!

    I came from SC to check out your blog...and finally found you! (your watermark doesn't have the "dot blogspot" dot com part).

    If you ever get really tired of your PC acting up, get a MAC! I wasn't sure at first, but now I LOVE it and will never go back!

    Great job on the blog!

  4. naaawwww.. they're fantastic! Happy birthday to your daughter, many blessings - and the invite sure starts off a happy party! Great choice and great (team)work!

  5. SUPER cute! Love, love, love! How did the party go?

  6. @ Brenda - Oops, so sorry! I create the watermark each time I post (on Picnik), looks like I forgot the blogspot part that time - glad you found it! :)

  7. How is it printing on vellum… does it smudge?

  8. @ Ruth - went well! Might include pictures in a later post. :)

    @ Anonymous - It did great! I used Stampin' Up's high-quality vellum cardstock, and set it aside to dry. HTH. :)

  9. Lovely idea, I would like to case this, but instead use cup cakes... TFS, and hello from the other side of the pond!! Hugs always! G


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