Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bravo Breeze For All!

I know, the corny titles are getting a little old. At least it keeps ya guessing, right? ;-)

Sorry I was MIA yesterday...with my oldest off from school, I decided it was time to go to B'ham (nearest "big" city) for some miscellaneous shopping.  We ended up being gone most all of the day! Back in time for Pre-K for youngest, stop at a friend's, back home to read with 1st grader, pick up Pre-K'er, then back to the grocery store and a couple of other stops...yeah. Gone all day = no stamping.

So, you're wondering what today's post is about, aren'tcha?

I followed a color challenge today...and let me just say, it was completely opposite of this post, where I wasn't sure of the colors, but once I got going, LOVED them! lol  This time, I thought it was a fun & unique combo, but had trouble working with it! lol

I *think* I'm okay with it now, but by the time I finished, it's too late in the (rainy & dreary) day to get a decent pic...so color might be a bit off, even if I tried to fix it.  Sorry bout that. It actually looks decent IRL, in fact, the difference is really bothering me, now! lol  Maybe I'll retake it tomorrow and change it here...we'll see how lazy ambitious I am. ;-)

You ready?
Color Challenge: Bravo Burgundy, Baja Breeze, Pear Pizazz
Stamps - I used two different (but similar sets here) can you guess which ones?

If you had trouble guessing, here's the info:
Flowers & stems - "For All You Do"
Sentiment - "Great Friend"

How did I get more than one color on the flowers? It's called the "Rock 'n Roll" technique. Ink up your stamp in the lighter shade, then rock and roll the edges in the darker shade. Make sense, or shall I make a video tutorial? :)

I might just add some dazzling diamonds glitter to the centers of the flowers...couldn't decide.

What do YOU think?

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. Love this card and the colour combo. I really like the rock & roll technique with the burgandy edges on the flowers. I think the dazzling diamonds for the flower centres would look great. TFS. :)

  2. This card it so cute! Different than anything you have done before. I love the two toned flowers, and I would definitely add some dazzling diamonds to the center of them! =) Great job!

  3. Really nice card. Thanks for blessing my day. :)

  4. Really like this card. I always have loved that two toned technique. this would be a nice card for a class. Has the Wow factor.

  5. Rock and roll is a great technique. Love the color combo. Yeah unusual but I'm like you I think it grows on you! Have a great day Crystal.

  6. Great card and it would be a good one for class so that they are learning new techniques. Always liked the rock n roll. I think I might add something to the centers of the flowers. But the card is great just the way it is.

  7. Very pretty, I love the layout. I have "do a challenge" on my to do list.

    Thanks for sharing,


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