Friday, January 7, 2011

Olive Gardens

Okay, I just realized how that title sounds.

As much as I Olive Garden, this post is not in any relation to the restaurant...though now that I'm thinking about it, their breadsticks, Pasta Fagioli, and Chicken Alfredo sound really good right now...sigh...finances being what they are, that's not happening any time soon, lol!

I digress.  Sorry, I'm awful good at that, aren't I? ;-)

Anyways, today's card is interesting.

No challenges to follow, just a stamped image leftover from yesterday's post.  So, I have this image to color, and I start coloring it with bright (not me) colors, and I like it. But then...I can't decide how to finish it into a card!  Do you ever suffer from such problems?  Ugh...I messed around a bit too much with this, and I'm OK with how it turned out. Not elated, but not downtrodden, either. ;-)

Curious yet?
I will rectify that. Remember, you've been warned. ;-)

To me, it obviously needs a sentiment stamped in brown.  Nothing I thought of looked quite right, and I wasn't about to ruin the whole thing (and all my time) by stamping something just to stamp something.

I'm thinking a very small 'happy birthday' or something...either directly on the cardstock, or on a punched piece of vanilla cardstock. We shall see.

The ribbon is behind the vanilla cardstock, wrapped around the back of the chocolate chip layer, and tied together at the punched-out portion. This goes directly against my grain of 'saving' ribbon/$. How?  I never waste ribbon that you can't see, but I decided this time, for the look I wanted, that's what I was going to do (eek).

Okay, so how did I come up with the post name?
Simple: The designer paper is an old one (yay!) called Petal Prints & Paisley or something like that. The color of this specific piece is Old Olive. The flowers, they remind me of a flower garden. Hence, Olive Gardens (not to be confused with the restaurant - partly why I added an 's'). ;-)

Well, what do you think?

The Small Print (All Stampin' Up)
Stamps: Fast & Fabulous
Ink: Stazon brown
Cardstock: Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla
Paper: Petal Prints & Paisley
Accessories: Chocolate Chip taffeta, Dimensionals, Ink pad lids, Aquapainter

Off to frost some chocolate cupcakes...and hope that this killer headache goes AWAY!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a GREAT day! :)


  1. Nice card. Does it maybe need a little butterfly fluttering around those flowers? Why do I say that? Because I love my little butterflies. I'm this way with my husband. When he finishes a card for me, I see voluminous places to put bling! But I'm usually quiet about it. I really like the colors and the whole look of the card. Thanks for blessing my day.

  2. I really like this card. Wait until you need a card to stamp the sentiment. It could be Happy Birthday, Thinking of you, Get Well Soon etc.


  3. I'm with Dale, just hang in there until you need something. The card is beautiful and colorful as is. TFS!

  4. Beautiful card! I am with everyone too.

  5. You totally sucked me in with that title! I love all you can eat bread sticks!!! Your card is lovely too ;).

  6. I was drawn to the colors you used for this card--soft and subtle, calming. Perhaps you could add a very light aqua outline around each flower to give them more depth. Also, sometimes finishing off a piece with some color sponged around the edges warms it up. Hope this helps!

  7. How pretty!!! I'm with everyone never know what will come up......just leave it til' that time comes!!!Lovely;)


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