Monday, January 25, 2010

Makeover Monday

Well Hello There!
It's once again time for Makeover Monday! :)

I was perusing the $ section of a local store last week and found something that stopped me in my tracks.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

That's not always the case, ya know.

Most of the time, I grab something thinking, "I could use this for something someday." As a result, I have a tote of "alterable" items in the garage (much to my hubby's dismay).  ;-)

Anywho...sorry for the sidetrack there.
Here's what I found:

A pretty journal for $1.00.  Not too bad, eh?

I looked at this item for $1.00, and said "Oooh...that looks like a perfect match for Lavendar Lace (SU color)!"  I knew exactly what I could add to it...something new, something so make it even BETTAH!!!  I promptly put it in my cart and brought it home.

It surely WAS a perfect match - awesome!  So, I brought out a couple new items from the Occasions Mini, and....

Oh yeah, babey.  FIVE butterflies out of one little embosslit. LOVE IT!  Seriously.  Awesome!!!

Embosslit: a little Sizzix (SU) die that cuts out AND embosses the item!!  Go ahead, click on the pic and you'll see the embossing (raised decorative areas) even better!

I decided that wasn't enough, so I added the miniature rhinestones from the Eggcellent Eggs kit to give it a bit of somethin' somethin'. :)

It took me less than...oh...10 minutes.  Maybe even 5.

I'll admit, to the ribbon-loving queen that I DOES need a matching lavendar ribbon along the LH side.  It almost pains me to post it without one, lol!  However, I don't have any, and I did try a few others (white), but it just didn't seem right.  I'll keep looking....oh, and I'll probably make a matching pen. :)

I was just so excited about my find, that I wanted to show you asap! :)

Well, what do you think?

The Small Print (All Stampin' Up except "Other")
Paper: Lavendar Lace cs
Accessories: "Beautiful Wings" embosslit, Eggcellent Eggs kit, Mini glue dots
Other: $1.00 journal (5x7 size)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a GREAT Monday! :)


  1. This is beautiful! I have an OLD sizzix and a there any way I can use this die in my machines? It is so pretty!

  2. WOW! For $ 1.00 you have got the notebook? It is super-cute!

  3. Your altered journal is stunning!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, sometimes it takes just
    a few embellishments and the result is a masterpiece. I know what you are talking about, the things I know I will do something with sometime in the future add up but like the journal, its worth the $ investment when the outcome is so elegant. thanks again

  4. Beautiful, I am always looking for nice gift ideas for co-workers and family and this is one that I would love to try. What did the inside of the cover look like?

  5. Linda - it was just a basic journal...nothing special inside...filled with lined pages. HTH :)

  6. Awesome find and even better recreate! I'd love to receive a journal as pretty as this, it would inspire me to write. Thanks for sharing Crystal, you always come up with the neatest treasures.


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